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Flowers photos in news

What an interesting arrangement! Not like the typical leather leaf and carnations piece that you see, is it?




Donald Trump the Florist, as he introduces

his very first arrangement: 

The Trump Tower of roses. 

Notice how the roses matches his hair color?


 She's laying on a bed of rose petals, is that a coincidence?  Ecuador is one of the major rose exporters and when Miss Universe took place in that country, the colorful roses are naturally  everywhere.  Sorry, Miss Universe does not come with your rose order, for that you'll need to speak to Mr Trump and maybe he can have another reality show where the contestants compete for her.



Purple rose of Tokyo...thanks to DNA technology

The world's largest flower Amorphophallus titanum or titan arum for short in full bloom.


The picture of this model covered with fruits lies on a table comes

from the four-day erotic fair "Eroticon" in Poland, Warsaw.

Unfortunately, the mayor of Warsaw banned the "Sexual World

championships" which were to take place during the fair.

Regardless of the type of ethical values one holds, fruit baskets

are always a great gift, delivered by your local florists.










A Ukrainian woman places flowers into the shields of anti-riot policemen

standing outside the presidential office in Kiev, November 24, 2004.
This photo is one of my favorites and yes the Ukranian Orange Revolution did succeed. Good luck to the supporters of Victor Yushchenko... now they have the hard job of balancing the budget and making the voters happy, which may turn out to be more difficult than the revolution itself.


The mystery of Brandon Flowers solved! Whenever I searched for flowers I came across Brandon Flowers, thinking that surfers are searching for a real or a virtual florist in Brandon Florida. It took me months to realize that Brandon Flowers is a singer of band known as the Killers. Apparently there's also another mystery about Brandon's sexual identity but that's not our topic. 

This flowers related search is the movie Broken Flowers, starring Bill Murray.

In BROKEN FLOWERS Bill Murray performs yet another well-to-do middle aged man dealing with the burden of the past. This movie is the Winner of the 2005 Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival, tells the story of Don Johnston (Bill Murray), an aging man overflowing with wealth but void of feelings. On the day that his most recent girlfriend has given up on him, he gets an anonymous letter that informs him that he might be the father of a 19-year-old child. Pushed into action by his amateur detective neighbor, Don embarks on a transforming trip to visit the former lovers who may have mothered his offspring. They include Sharon Stone, Frances Conroy, Jessica Lange and Tilda Swinton. Each encounter leaves Don feeling more lost than the last, spinning him into an even greater state of confusion.

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Search for local flower shops in the US and Canada

If you're a local florist and would like to be added to our directory without any charges, please send us your information, webpage url, tel number, speciality areas, wire service FTD, Teleflora affliation, etc.  We particularly encourage rural florists to apply.  Our Email




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Christmas begins at sundown on December 24 and may be observed through sundown on January 5, hence the renowned Twelve Days of Christmas. Representing the birth of Jesus, Christmas Day is celebrated on December 25. Christmas gift-giving in the US and Canada is borrowed from Dutch, German, and British customs. The legendary bearer of gifts in North America is Santa Claus, a "resident" of the North Pole who evolved from the European St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children.In North American tradition, Santa climbs down the chimney at night delivering gifts to all children who have been "good" during the previous year. He's escorted by eight reindeer pulling his sled through the night skies. Santa's famous team is led by the red-nosed Rudolf. The illuminated and decorated Christmas tree was introduced to America by German settlers. For many Americans, it's customary to encircle their lighted tree with a train track and train set. Gifts, to be opened on Christmas Day morning, are also placed under the Christmas tree. Canadians of French extraction celebrate Christmas immediately following Midnight Mass with an elaborate dinner known as Reveillon, or "waking up." The tradition of Reveillon is a relatively recent custom, celebrated since the 1930s. In Quebec, Christmas ends on La fête du Roi, which falls on January 6. Gifts of food are firmly rooted in rituals and celebrations surrounding Christmas. The custom of delivering food to friends, family, and the needy reaches an all-time high during the holiday season.


  More flowers stories in the news.

Please note these photos are meant for entertainment, it's not necessarily "news."

Gerbers anyone?  Everyone loves Gerber daisies.



Flower delivery guys dressed as clowns.